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dslinguist wrote

Yeah, I just can't see a legitimate insurgency doing anything but bad. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows


nestormakhno wrote (edited )

eh, history indicates it could go either way, but for something like that to succeed you'd need way more class consciousness than what America has right now. We have the beginnings of something, but people still don't really get it.

tbh the best thing we can be doing at this moment is educating this new crop of self-styled socialists who think that socialism is just free healthcare and "fuck trump." we need to be getting them really easy reading materials, resources to connect to the IWW and other unions, and just throwing socialist memes at them.

if we don't get them on board with a basic understanding of this stuff, it's more than likely we'll see the rise of an American species of neo-Spenglerism, where "socialism" is just understood to be whatever's best for the nation, and class collaboration is the ideal. This would do more than just take the wind out of our current swell in growth; it'd more or less wreck our ability to educate at all. We'd be further underground than we were before all this socialist mainstreaming started. And I shouldn't have to mention how terrifying the idea of another Prussian-style "socialism" is, especially when in the hands of the US.


brainrot wrote

Could punch more nazis, could fuck around and die, could assassinate someone and trigger ww3, nobody knows.