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Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Whooo, those are some mighty big swings. Hopefully you develop a strong framework. I suggest read the Communist Manafesto, Noam Chomsky’s “On Anarchy”, and The Great Anarchists by Paul Eltzbacher.

Bear in mind that leftists live in a relativistic universe where everyone appears ‘right’ from their POV. Think of it as the leftist version of redshift, rightshift.

Also, remember, everyone, almost universally, does a poor job of representing oppositional ideologies when making a case for their own. So, literally, everyone seems correct until you do your own hopefully unbiased comparison.


KingGath wrote

Thank you for the advice :) but if you had doubts I did my best to do a non biased review of the left when I was watching/reading tonnes of leftist information (but if you have any pointers on how I can improve this skill as i'm not the best at it please reply)


mofongo wrote

/f/socialism also has great introductory books and a pamphlets in the side bar and some other YouTube video series you should see.