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Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Patriot Prayer and Anti-Fascists Face Off in Portland: Unicorn Riot is in Portland, Oregon documenting far-right group Patriot Prayer's event that has drawn large opposing rallies and has, many times, ended in violence.

UPDATE [3:54PM CDT]: Portland police have opened fire on the large crowd of antifascists using tear gas, pepper spray and stun grenades.

UPDATE [3:47PM CDT]: Proud Boys are attempting to leave the park under police escort while being followed by a large crowd of antifascists. Police have used LRAD to announce crowds to move back off streets or face arrest and/or injury from less lethal weapons.


ziq wrote

Yes it works without facebook. Thanks I was lookimg for a non fash stream on youtube.


rot wrote

Can we get an isolated clip of the pinochet guy yelling "you're a white guy" on youtube?

Title it "Crazy Neo-Nazi gets Triggered 1 of 8" or something I don't have any video editing software