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ziq OP wrote

Assume every online antifa space is a honeypot.


GrimWillow wrote

Well, there are established channels that Antifa communicates on like Also, talking to people who are doing antifascist work irl will help connect you to what can be trusted.

Also, the fash almost always use the accounts with the purpose of creating strawmen to rile up their crowds, so there are often obvious signs. Maybe we should put a guide together about how to identify fake accounts (not just a list of verified accounts), if there isn't one already.


SubcomandanteX wrote

Hi, GrimWillow. I wrote the above article ("Proud Boys Operated...") on my website. I also wrote a guide on spotting fake Antifa accounts on social media:

How to Spot a Fake Antifa Account

Other useful articles: To Troll a Movement: A List of 260+ Fake Antifa Accounts on Social Media

Discord Leaks Reveal Anticom Members Behind Fake Antifa Accounts


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Yeah fash can't hide who they are very well, but feds have been pretty successful at it, even being in relationships for years while undercover.