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geegaw wrote

I'm the kind of person who would fisk your entire post and try to address every sentence of it, but I also have other things to do. So I'll just pick some things that stand out:

innocent people

WNs are hardly innocent; their ideology is inherently violent. Given half a chance they will institute ethnic cleansing, as they have done repeatedly in the past and continue to do to this day.

What is the end goal here? What do you hope to accomplish?

My end goal is for the fascists to crawl back into their hidey holes. I'm probably more pacifist then your typical antifascist - I'm more than happy to see WNs stop what they're doing without bruises or bloodshed if possible.

[...] why do you hate America and our freedom?

What freedoms and for whom? I'll refer to Swedish rockabilly and genital rock icon Errol Nordstedt for my feelings on the U-nited States:

Heja USA

Go team USA, You're the greatest country in the world!

Go team USA, You've got the entire world in your hand!

If there's war some day you'll beat the Russians!

That is very good, Go team USA!


Go team USA, USA is always right!

It is very good that you're helping Pinochet

because we all know that he's a good man!

Give him some more guns.. Go team USA!

Good job Ku Klux Klan and Ronald Reagan and Nancy

Good job Caspar Weinberger and New Moral Majority!

Go team USA, give us more bombs and gunpowder!

Go team USA, punch the Russian in his face!

If there's a terror attack you'll know just what to do..

Beat up some Arabs! Go team USA! Yes!

oh and this one too:

Feta Fula Dumma Amerikaner

Once upon a time I loved the USA / Hank Williams he was a great idol

That was that but in time I noticed / that the love had gotten big and ugly wounds

Back in the day they'd say "pick you up at eight" / then came that ugly Nixon and his goddamn Watergate

And Kennedy you know who everyone believed in / he fucked Marilyn Monroe


Fat, ugly and dumb americans / has a gun hidden in every room

Out of fear for angry Morians / that they've forced to live in dirty slums

Bullets and gunpowder and violence and sports are their pastime

And also mocking gays who have been infected with HIV

But if you show your dick they'll become irrationally upset

Weird thought patterns / crazy Americans

Fat, ugly and dumb americans / have their tentacles in every nook

Greedy like starved baboons / stealing everything that they can get their hands on

That they have gotten rich is a well-known fact

The boys can become millionaires, it's happened many times

The girls can always give a blowjob to their president

They're a crafty bunch / these Americans

Of course this was written back when the US was still the global hegemon. In short: nobody likes you