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GaldraChevaliere wrote

I really don't give a fuck what you think of me. If you ever cared about the cause we fight for you'd have joined in already instead of handwringing over image.

You aren't free, neither of us are. You might have more freedoms, comparatively, than me given that you don't have to go outside with a weapon or an escort half the time, or get harassed by the cops on a monthly basis. But in the end we're still both getting pissed on from above, even if you want to call it rain.

What the fuck do I care about your cops dying for? You sure as hell don't care when black boys get shot in the backs for having a nice watch, or when transwomen get raped and murdered in numbers up in the dozens on a yearly basis without any justice or even the dignity of their name on their pauper's grave. I have no sympathy if a cop gets what's coming to him, it's what he signed up for. If you're so 'upstanding', stop crying and either pick up a fucking gun or get to work in a food line. Do something for the people around you instead of saying "fuck you, I got mine". Elevate others to your position.

You know what my motive is? My motive is to be able to go one day without worrying about my partners getting killed or arrested, or the same happening to me, not because of what we do but because of what we are. My motive is not having to worry about getting buried in medical bills we cannot hope to pay even with all of us working, by whatever means we can even scrounge up, if one of us gets sick. Or starving to death or freezing in the streets if we get evicted for being a pack of tranny faggots.

You know why I hate America and your 'freedom' so much? Because America, by the laws it passes and the slackjawed selfish and shortsighted pricks that have the audacity to call themselves upstanding marked me and everyone I love for death. Because this isn't new behavior for America and there isn't some 'golden age' to restore. It's been this way since 17-70-fucking-6.