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conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

Yet you all admit to voting for the dems when push comes to shove...


supernice wrote

If you actually read a book at some point in your life besides Winnie the Pooh, you'd have the sense enough to not say to an anarchist that they vote in elections.


mofongo wrote

A) I don't vote

B) I'm not American


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

Then you don't even care about politics.


DaisyDisaster wrote

  1. Literally one of us has admitted to voting for an American Dem when they were in a liberal stage.

  2. You play the "gotcha" card when someone votes then claim they don't care about politics when they don't? Have you ever made a logical connection in your life?


ziq wrote (edited )

Because you have to choose between red turd or blue turd to care.