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Zzzxxxyyy wrote (edited )

“Last I checked, America saved the world from fascism in WW2.”


“America did something good once and earned the right to shit on the world forever.”

How many of our heroes have gone on to do horrible things? The term is moral licensing.

Also, Israel is still riding the victim train out of the holocaust right over the bodies of Palestinian children. I don’t know how your duel citizenship was supposed to prove you aren’t racist, when you’re president has said Israel is a “Jewish state.” A state based on race is a racist state.

You are so deep in shit you’re breathing it like air.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote (edited )

What about all the African states that limit white migration? Are they racist too? Every nation has the right to defend its borders from invaders. Perhaps Hamas shouldn't use their children as human shields.


mofongo wrote

Inmigrants are not invaders. The american military is an invader.

Israel shouldn't aim at children or bomb residential areas.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

We're talking about Israel here, how is America invading Israel?

Israel wouldn't deliberately kill innocents, that's a strawman.


mofongo wrote (edited )

Hamas shouldn't use their children as human shields.

This phrase means "Terrorist are using children as shield, we shot the child and the terrorist. High five!"

Of course, using children as shield is a lie. Israel is pretty indiscrimate with their shooting.


retiredaccount wrote

using children as a shield is a lie.

Not entirely. They do use civilian shielding, though Israel's equally indiscriminate either way.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Do Jewish Israelis have a history of being oppressed by Palestinians? Because, if not, these two things are not the same.

Fascists always parrot the arguments of their victims against them, pretending to be the victims while making slippery slope arguments.

Go away fascist sea lion.