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conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

This is the problem right here. If you don't care how you look to the average Joes, why should the average Joes support you and your ideology?


ziq wrote

Joe can fuck off too.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

This is why the left has no chance.


mofongo wrote

Over here, we're are against the left too. They don't go far enough.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote (edited )

How can you be against both the left and the right? Centrists?


ziq wrote (edited )

Yup. All of us. We love straddling that fence.

'Raddle' actually means 'absolute centre' in Bulgarian.


mofongo wrote (edited )

Both the left and right wish to maintain capitalism. The actions of the right, ultimately, function to concentrate capital to the top, to the bussiness owners where it should be. However, when too much goes to the top it creates crisis at the bottom. And average Joe ends up rebelling, or creating revolution.

The left, by providing hand outs like medicare and social security, gives Joe a sense of complacency that prevents them from rebelling.

To be continued...


I lost my train of thought, so I'll leave it like that.


mofongo wrote

We're not a party or a fan club. Getting support or members are a non priority.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

Yet you all admit to voting for the dems when push comes to shove...


supernice wrote

If you actually read a book at some point in your life besides Winnie the Pooh, you'd have the sense enough to not say to an anarchist that they vote in elections.


mofongo wrote

A) I don't vote

B) I'm not American


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

Then you don't even care about politics.


DaisyDisaster wrote

  1. Literally one of us has admitted to voting for an American Dem when they were in a liberal stage.

  2. You play the "gotcha" card when someone votes then claim they don't care about politics when they don't? Have you ever made a logical connection in your life?


ziq wrote (edited )

Because you have to choose between red turd or blue turd to care.