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Pop wrote (edited )

I'm not a racist, I actually have dual Israeli/US citizenship!

omg, thanks for the laugh

I'm not going to respond to you anymore because I don't think you realise you're a parody account

perhaps someone else will pick up the baton


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

Every time I ask for evidence or reasoning or explanation on a lefty site, I get insulted, downvoted to oblivion, or some combination of the two.

No sources. Never any sources. What happened to the "party of science and evidence," eh?


DaisyDisaster wrote

Dude, we are not here to educate you, and we're not a part of some party. This is pretty basic shit you can look up if you * actually * cared about getting out of your bubble. Take a break from Fox News and immerse yourself in some leftist sources for a while.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

Who did you vote for then?


DaisyDisaster wrote

I voted for Clinton because I used to be a liberal until after the election when I realized how fucked up everything was and how inadequate liberalism was to address the world's problems.

I haven't voted since then.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote (edited )

So you're a democrat who realized what a bad leader Shillery would be.

And next time Bernie Sanders will be the candidate or Biden and you'll vote for him.


DaisyDisaster wrote

Uh, no, I'm not even registered as a Democrat and, as I said, I don't vote now. This isn't the gotcha you think it is.


conservative_raddle_fan OP wrote

"""""If it isn't obvious to you, you're obviously a lost cause who can't be reasoned with"""""


ConquestOfToast wrote

It's more that you're not even here in good faith. The questions you ask point to a deep deep place of ignorance. The reason you're getting ignored or insulted is because you're feigning intellectual rigor without putting in the foot work to even have the conversation in the first place. You want us to answer questions within the purview you've already accepted as reality, and when we don't you shoehorn assumptions as some moment where you have the upper hand. This isn't a conversation, this is you screaming into the void, and patting yourself on the back when the void doesn't scream back.