Anti-fascist tactics for few or lone activists?

Submitted by xxi in Antifa (edited )

At the end of day anti-fascism has to be a collaborative endeavor with an emphasis on creating anti-fascist communities. With clearly stated I hope that people won't be thinking that I say otherwise.

However, there's a lot of places where the anti-fascists, for one reason or another, are few and the closest anti-fascist group is too far away for it to be feasible to go there. Some people might even be the sole activist that actually would care to sabotage for fascists. In any case, to work where you stand is a reasonable principle if the fascist activity you encounter happens where you live.

So are there any tactics for isolated anti-fascists?

Short example: you unpleasantly notice a fascist visiting your neighbor. This neighbor could be a sympathizer or at the very least careless about who they consider friends. You don't know if this neighbor has a child. Given this and the first question, what would be a reasonable action to take so that the fascist knows the (s)he is being watched?


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Fossidarity wrote

Spreading propaganda in the form of stickering might be something that's best done alone. Of course you need to be able to print stickers for that..


xxi wrote

Effective and tested alternative. I've done stuff like that before so I'll do it again. Thanks.

(The following is not necessarily directed at you, just clarifying in case someone else reads this).

I never mentioned that I've tried it before so it'd be unreasonable for me to demand that people won't suggest that. Any other tactics would be appreciated ruling out the one mentioned above.


c0mrade wrote

tip over trash bins and claim responsibily in your local newspaper

tell them you are the CEO of Antifa International LLC, a subsidiary of Soros Inc