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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Richard Spencer: I'm just proclaiming that power should only belong to White Christian Males and those who aren't White or Christian, deserve to die. Why is everyone so mad at me?

It is a reoccuring theme with the guys like him.

Fascist Trog calls for the death of anyone who disagrees with him, while hiding under the banner of Free Speech

Everyone Else Uses their Free Speech to tell the Trog to go to hell

Fascist Trog: B-But Free Speech!

Because "Free Speech" totally means, "I can say whatever I want without facing any consequences, even if it's just from someone saying, 'STFU!'"

Though any discussion of Richard Spencer needs to have a link to the video of him getting punched out. It never stops being satisfying to watch and really, there are reasons to share that video outside of schadenfreude. Fascist strongmen like Spencer can tolerate anything, except people taking the piss out of them, showing that underneath all that bravado and posturing, is a weak coward so much whinier than any of the SJWs they complain about.

Again, my personal fave is the one set to DMX's "X Gonna Give It To Ya" but feel free to use your own version:


therealmidnite wrote

I know what I know about fascists like RS. You can't beat them with debate, or ridicule, or "appealing to their interests" or merely "ignoring" them. You have to strip them of their pretentions to invulnerability, strength and unity, and you have to do it publicly. It's the only way. A lot of people disagree with me, but I think the alt-right in the US was beaten when that video went viral - it just took a while for the alt-right to figure that out and start cracking. That's "propaganda of the deed" done right.