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disfalo wrote

Trump supporter here. I created this account to try to understand what I view as the "other side" of the political argument. I made my name as such so there is no confusion about if im a concern troll or someone who wants to hear your arguments.

Hey, nice to meet you. First of all there is not only one "other side", there are multiple sides. If you are trying to understand anti-fascism, check out the sidebar of this forum. Basically, we're against fascism. But we're many different people with different ideologies: radical democrats, anarchists, communists.

so yeah, hate on me if it makes you feel good- but im here to try to understand what specifically it is you want to accomplish.

As the name says, anti-fascism is against fascism. We want to destroy the fascist movement. Personally, I don't care that some person thinks as a fascist, as long as, they doesn't try to organize, discriminate, attack people, etc. After all, I'm not against freedom of expression. However, I'm against actions that try to end with freedom of expression.

so whats going on? whats the plan once the riots are ended?

That depends on who you ask. I'm an anarchist, so we will create an egalitarian society without oppression and hierarchy. Animal liberation is also important for me.

We don't have a leader nor a messiah who we follow to death. Most of us are oppressed by the capitalists, patriarchy, etc. Trump is a white and rich retarded puppet, who was put there by the oligarchy. And we, anarchists, don't like leaders. We want to decide our own future, we don't want owners of the land, and slave wages.

you just want to destroy what are objectively the greatest nations on the planet because of some illusion that rich people shouldnt exist

There are rich people, because there are poor people. There is not any single poor animal, or rich animal in the animal world. Money is a delusion, such as nations. What is a nation? A border, a flag, a piece of land? Clearly, you don't understand many concepts, and our goal is not to destroy rich people, is to destroy the oppression that makes some people rich, and lots of people poor. Define "objectively great nation" if you can? Spoiler alert, objectivity in politics doesn't exist...

the whites are the best at colonizing

Define "the whites", please. Is that even a good thing? Is the extinction of their own habitat an intelligent act. Well, yes if your goal is to destroy your home (The Earth), while being unhappy at the same time. See how many depressed people are in your great nations, "objectively" said by your mostly "white" scientists.

the notion that a rich man got that way because he violently stole from others is absurd in a modern western civilization.

Quite the opposite... What does make some people rich and other people poor?

Nice attempt to recruit white anti-fascists, fascist. Is that what your leaders commanded you to do?


seitanicqueer98 wrote

i agree with what you said, my only thing is that maybe you should use a different word instead of "retarded"