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Whatsthepoint wrote

There is no "otherside"

The dualistic dichotomy has been created to cause apathy, infighting (against natural allies), and to prevent at all costs any meaningful and long lasting change.

It is a show, and better than any soap opera, this latest drama of our Zeitgeist is akin to a star trek holodeck, with ourselves taking then place of actors.

I have lurked here for a long time. I try to get views from many sources, as this is the way to beat them.

We have been tricked into focusing on our differences, as apposed to what we have in common....

Few people these days can simply agree to disagree on a specific point and still get along / debate. The "left" is just as guilty as the "right"

The creation of more and more identity groups, will only further this goal.

You have done a good thing tho. Find a view you disagree with everyday, and don't argue it, just try to understand it, where it's coming from... have empathy and love for your fellow man.


zhopka wrote

This is the only sane comment I see here and it is downvoted. Well, this site is on one of the two "sides", hence the attitude. Gonna go look for some other community I guess.