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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Hi there!

You've done a vaguely bareable job of not being an explicitly racist asshole up until here. Please be sure to stop doing that, or we'll have to ban you, and all these users will no longer be able to make up random shit they think you're afraid of to poke at you for their amusement.

If you want to understand what anarchism is about aside from the nonsense you seem to believe, you can also feel free to look it up on wikipedia, or check out the anarchist FAQ, or feel free to try your luck in our wiki section above.

PS I'm not here to debate you about what's racist, so in case you were going to go there, feel free not to bother.


yeahIsupporttrump OP wrote

hey no problems. ban me if you want, I expect no less.

my goal here is to understand what the goal of antia is - all ive gotten, and you can read for yourself, are insults.

if you feel im not being civilized here compared to your readers then please ban me from this group.

as I stated earlier to another person, everything im seeing so far is living up to the stereotype that what this place is is a place for people to destroy what they see as a problem but have no solutions for what to do after they destroy.


not_AFX_lol wrote

all ive gotten are insults

i take offense to that i was trying to be civil up until you started calling people barbarians and suggesting that the nazis should have won wwii