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yeahIsupporttrump OP wrote

what im trying to do is get someone to explain intelligently what antifa is trying to do. clearly this entire site is a bubble for that, so it seems to be a good idea to venture into it to discuss.

instead all ive gotten are insults and the notion that white genocide is the goal.

this is a very informative event for me. you guys are living up to your stereotypes.

a man without an argument resorts to insult, afterall.


matches_malone wrote

you come here calling non europeans 'barbarians' and expect fucking civility? too bad this isn't a real meeting place or I'd already have broken your legs.


6cd6beb wrote

He started off by saying

I created this account to try to understand what I view as the "other side" of the political argument.

im here to try to understand what specifically it is you want to accomplish.

And you jump straight to shitting on the guy.


yeahIsupporttrump OP wrote

Im being told the goal is to eliminate whites.

how should one respond when being told not just him but his entire race being eliminated is the goal?

also, yes. its demonstrable that the middle east is a very inbred place and that inbreeding lowers IQ. couple that with having children like rabbits instead of trying to create a better culture and yes, barbarians is the right word here.


Tequila_Wolf admin wrote

Alright everybody show's over for now, u/yeahIsupporttrump has gotten a global ban for racism.


not_AFX_lol wrote

breaking our circlejerk >:(


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Sorry :(

I was tempted to keep it open just for that purpose, but also that seemed obviously a bad idea.


ziq wrote

No you did the right thing, he went over the ToS line big time. I banned him from this forum right before you performed the global ban.


matches_malone wrote (edited )

self awareness = 0

enjoy your ban