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zombie_berkman wrote (edited )

I never said that. Its actually the direct opposite of what you said. But next time troll harder


yeahIsupporttrump OP wrote

perhaps you can clarify then? Ive already said that im coming from the other side. you cant expect me to just jump in the first 10 minutes.

im noticing downvotes. it means nothing of course but i find it interesting. im trying to be open here. maybe this place is meant to be a bubble?


zombie_berkman wrote

No you arent and those were from me. You are intentionally being disingenuous and its painfully obvious with your reply to me and your refusal to watch a video even tho you really want to learn no im super cereal guyz. Im not wasting any more time and will leave with no teeth for fascists.


yeahIsupporttrump OP wrote

Ive been honest from the start. im a trump supporter, and a conservative after spending years as a leftist. I quit your side long before you went radical, so im trying to understand the direction you are now taking.

downvote me if it makes you feel better. internet points are meaningless when reality calls the shots.


not_AFX_lol wrote

When you say 'leftist', do you mean 'liberal'?

We make a firm distinction between the two in these parts.


matches_malone wrote (edited )

points are only meaningless to us anarchists. you people love your rigid hierarchies.

daddy won't save you, son.

America's debt is past due.


not_AFX_lol wrote

This place was generally intended to be for leftists, generally libertarian leftists to discuss things. Almost all of our visitors from the right wing tend to be trolls, hence the suspicion from our community.


yeahIsupporttrump OP wrote

I totally understand and its why I picked the name I did. I want there to be no illusion that im here to try to learn from you and challenge at the same time.

if this place is meant to be a bubble then so be it, but the internet is the one place left for plebs like us to discuss our ideas and try to figure everything out. lets take advantage of it!