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kore wrote

how do i get past the paywall


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote (edited )

Try this link, and somebody let me know if it works?


ziq wrote

That works.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Usually I delete the end of each url after the '#' or the '?' so that it doesn't give the website traffic information. (I think this is a thing? usually it will say something vaguely like "?ref=facebook"). In this case deleting it somehow removed the permission to read it. So the extra bit including and after the '?" is effectively the key to the paid content. Which make sense since it starts with 'key':


Random piece of info for the day.


kore wrote

You know, the day after the 2016 U.S. presidential election my school made class attendance optional and one of my professors, a very stuffy British scholar of humanist thinking, said "I thought the point of a liberal arts education was to be able to deal with adversity." This is the article I needed to understand that sentiment more completely.

"the insistence on the authority of their experiences by those whose minority status has silenced or marginalized them"

I agree with this, I feel like leftists (at least from the interactions I've had) have a tendency to just blindly accept a PoC or queer person or (insert minority) when they say that something is "white supremacist" or "transphobic," as if they are some divine judges.

"there is no contradiction between reason and outrage... We can respect the right of free speech without having to respect the ideas being uttered."

I said a similar thing one time, talking about norms for discussion, to the tune of "you need to respect people's humanity but you don't need to respect their opinions" and I was eaten alive. People's feelings getting hurt should not be put before searching for truth.

Damn this article is really fucking good, thank you very much.