I.E Antifa is next! twitter.com

Submitted by Somewhat_marxist_leninist in Antifa (edited )

As part of S.W.IM's recent beginning of actions on fake Antifa accounts, S.W.I.M has decided that the next account he is attempting to report is I.E Antifa, (@IE_ANTIFA). S.W.I.M will post an update in a couple of days to let all know of the status of the ongoing investigation on Vacaville Antifa (@VacavilleAntifa) [reported on Tuesday] and the current attempt on I.E Antifa.


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zombie_berkman wrote

that picture is from st louis so im pretty sure this is a fake account. i remember conrad jorts and the dude with the bow from a unicorn riot stream


Somewhat_marxist_leninist OP wrote

Well done to IE_ANTIFA for finding this post less than three hours after it being posted! Rest assured, all posts have a purpose, and, if you are to find this message, allow me to tell you this: Goodbye.


Somewhat_marxist_leninist OP wrote

So now Vacaville Antifa has retweeted the screenshots originally tweeted by IE Antifa, which is hilarious because I never expected this to happen. But well, free publicity! Who could ask for more?