First Fake Antifa Account Successfully Reported dropfile.to

Submitted by Somewhat_marxist_leninist in Antifa

S.W.I.M has successfully reported Vaccaville Antifa, a fake Antifa website with over 13 000 followers aiming to discredit Antifa. In 48 hours, if they have not complied with Twitter T&C (by clearly showing they are a fake, parody account), S.W.I.M will have the opportunity to pursue the complaint, and hopefully ban them. This will be a first step towards a Twitter empty of fascists and racists pretending to be Antifa, hopefully.


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Defasher wrote (edited )

How about taking down reddit.com/r/antifa? Wouldn't be hard, just keep filling it with spam with tor accounts, report the spam with your real account, and when the mods are slow to remove it, report them to the admins.

If that doesn't work, just pose as a fascist and advocate violence there.