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DissidentRage wrote (edited )

I think environmental entrenchment in ideology and privileged access contribute to it.

In my own experience I was raised in a very highly conservative but poor family. When the recession hit I drifted into the right-libertarian Ron Paul sphere. There were issues I had with the ideology I could never resolve (like the abject denial of externalities), but in hindsight I think I latched onto it because the recession wiped me out and I was desperate to hear something that made me feel more in control of my circumstances than I was. The whole "bootstraps" thing made me think that if I could just figure out how to do everything the right way, I would be better off.

A combination of being made homeless a couple times and pondering on the issues I had with the ideology pushed me left. These experiences helped me realize how toxic and judgmental right-libertarianism is. There are days I wonder if I would have continued a rightward trajectory if I had a well-to-do family to buffer me from the harsh realities of life and to reinforce my worldview at the time.

Life is suffering and pain, and still I am unhappy with the life I lead, but I am accepting the things I cannot change, focused on who exactly is at fault for the things that go wrong, and comforted finally having a worldview that isn't rife with unresolved contradictions. And of course, the leftist community is much more diverse and vibrant than any rightist coalition could ever be.