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ziq wrote

This is so disturbing it's almost worth adding a trigger warning.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

I feel legitimately saddened by this article in a lot of ways. Some of his behavior reminds me of how my brother was growing up, in particular the head-to-surface banging, getting into shenanigans and doing shit to piss people off (fortunately my brother is not so politically-oriented). I wonder how much of this stems from acting out to seek the approval of his father, who in all likelihood probably directed no small amount of physical violence onto him growing up, given what they've said about his father's relationship to his mother. My brother also did a lot of shit to get approval from our dad like this, but his relationship with dad soured when he got older and wised up to the fact dad was never going to care. It seems in this case his dad did approve eventually, and I wonder how much of his present ideology stems from making dad happy rather than having his own opinions.