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aiwendil wrote

This is why we all need to be examining our opsec. Minimally we should be using tor. The funny thing is, they make broad generalizations about none of us knowing anything about computers across the board because some people clicked on a link that was an IP logger. I would hope by now that most of the users here are minimally on tor and if that is the case they got a lot of bunk IP addresses of exit nodes and that doesn't even seem to have crossed their mind, so I honestly hope that is what happened. If you aren't using tor, maybe let this be a lesson to you... Start now. Aside from that be careful what you click on, but also block javascript. They could be attempting to run some javascript to get your real IP even if you are hidden behind tor. It seems that there are some people on there that actually know some stuff about computers, but lets face it, most white supremacists are just blue collar workers that don't know much about computers themselves and have been vulnerable to similar tactics. It is interesting that they have coopted the term Anon now as I don't think any actual Anons would approve of what they do now, you can send Jeffry Hammond a letter and prison and ask him. It is honestly hard to believe that anybody that is smart enough to actually be a hacker and not some script kiddie doxxxer would side with the fascists, but it isn't outside the realm of possible. Through history there have been many smart people that were also mean spirited. It seems like the brunt of their efforts are some form of brute force internet thuggery though. Make lots of fake accounts and goad people into debate to waste our time. If that is all they've got, that is a sorry excuse for hacking now. I am quite certain there are lots of people doing the same thing to them and that will go back and forth until we are all blue in the face. They get upset because we have zero tolerance for trolling, but trolling is literally the only thing they've got except for some weak-ass ip logger. Stay strong and vigilant.