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GrimWillow wrote

Well, they'll know if they read this thread, but it won't matter anyway. I really doubt they'll figure it out or their doubt will fester, either way is a win. Pretty much why I thought it was wasn't a risk to mention it.

They think all of us are too triggered to read and speak their shit. Spend enough time in their sphere and it's a lot easier to sound like them. Lots of really similar in-jokes and whatnot. Plus having been on their side at one point certainly helps. To sound like us will be a bit tougher because they really don't understand what we believe. Pretty much how police infiltrators are caught. They are certainly easier than the police are, but they're also a lot newer to this war. We've been spied on and infiltrated by cops for a long time.


Somewhat_marxist_leninist wrote

You mean cops have infiltrated reddit/raddle or irl?


emma wrote (edited )



鬼神 Kill Em All 1989

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410,757,864,530 DEAD COPS


jlwob wrote

You always have to assume your group is being infiltrated if you are a leftists. We have been targeted by the government since the beginning. Infiltration online is even lower effort than in person infiltration (and cheaper).

Also, they are harder to pick out. The FBI generally has more intelligent people than /pol/ (despite what /pol/ wants you to think) and they don't see us as caricatures. So, yes, you must assume that the FBI is watching this site. They are also watching /r/Anarchism and every other leftist board online.


Somewhat_marxist_leninist wrote

Assuming s.w.i.m. has an antifa group, what's the telltale signs it's been infiltrated by a cop?


jlwob wrote

You have to assume you won’t know. Just conduct yourself accordingly. It is why it is important to not discuss illegal activity in explicit terms and to not incriminate yourself.