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alqm wrote (edited )

Complementing the other suggestions:

ProtonVPN has its infrastructure in Switzerland, which is not part of "the fourteen eyes of surveillance" and cannot be forced to hand over the data. Their email service ProtonMail is quite popular for being a more secure email. I would have more reasons to trust this one, but no VPN provider can be 100% safe. Tor is the best bet, albeit slow (gets faster as more users start relaying it).

Private Internet Access (PIA) is known for its support for open source projects, popularity among GNU/Linux users and native application for Ubuntu-based distros. However, since it is based on the US, it is required to hand over any data they have on their users to the government agencies when requested. Your privacy will depend on how much data PIA retains from your activities. It's a matter of trust. But at least you will be safe from IP loggers such as the one mentioned on the screenshots.

EDIT: ProtonMail's frontend is open source! Just in case you're wondering if they care about software freedom. You can check their blog here.