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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Most of the screenshots are from a pol thread, one is from Voat.

We still have a couple of users that are playing this game, but they're all very bad at it and get flooded with downvotes whenever they open their mouths.

Some other things I've noticed:

  • They'll pose as trans / queer while saying questionable things.

  • They'll link to rightwing news sites.

  • They'll claim to not know what voat or 8chan/4chan is when called out.

  • They'll have an incredibly poor understanding of radical politics.

  • They'll use a lot of exclamation marks to appear super enthusiastic about everything.

  • They'll say 'comrade' multiple times in every post.

  • They'll use ridiculously transparent usernames like 'InternationalAntifa', 'femaleincel' and 'RADDLEISAWESOME!'

  • They'll act like you'd expect someone who has only ever been exposed to fashy circlejerks to act i.e. not like a real person.

  • They'll try to get people to organize anti-fascist action with them.

If someone seems like a fash troll, they probably are one. Best thing you can do is downvote and ignore. If people don't engage with them, their posts will quickly sink and they'll get bored and go away.


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zod wrote

Narcissists are incapable of changing their tactics.


lambda wrote

They'll have an incredibly poor understanding of radical politics.

This right here is probably one of the most transparent things they do. They confuse anarchism with anarchy or liberalism.


ziq OP wrote

I guess you mean anarchy as in chaos and death.


lambda wrote

Right. I believe a lot of people confuse anarchism with chaos, not decentralization, removal of hierarchies, and the other actual aspects of anarchism.


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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Where did I mention your username..?

EDIT: Ah, you're that 'internationalantifa' troll but have deleted most of your shit and changed your username.


GrimWillow wrote

Oh that one is a hoot, lol. Some pretty cringey attempts so far.