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Faolinbean wrote

It wouldn't be tactically wise, why would you go to an action where your enemy has set - scratch that, straight up made up - the terms

imo it's better if they're roaming the streets with guns looking for us and we're all off barbecuing or something


GrimWillow wrote

lol for real. I just heard that they literally think we're starting war with civilians and shit. We've had bigger planned events that they never bat an eye at, and then suddenly we're trying to start a civil war? We've been in a civil war for a long time already. There has been no peacetime...they completely do not understand the context of their existence and how the state operates.

It's honestly part of the momentum drummed up for them since they're all fairly new at politics and enjoy the identity cult. Almost all of them just learned about Antifa in 2017 and now they are self proclaimed experts on the group...