What to do on Nov. 4?

Submitted by tnstaec in Antifa

Would it be tactically wise to go out on the fourth? I guess it would vary between different communities. If you do some intelligence and find out there's going to be a fash rally then perhaps the old no platform approach is in order. If it sounds like it's just going to be a handful of random nutjobs with no particular itenerary, maybe ignore them.

On the other hand, as the conspiracy theory goes there will be house-to-house confrontations. Maybe as good a time as any to meet your neighbors and tell them to be on the look-out for fascist weirdos. Or some other kind of counter-propaganda?

Just spitballing, here. Thoughts?


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Faolinbean wrote

It wouldn't be tactically wise, why would you go to an action where your enemy has set - scratch that, straight up made up - the terms

imo it's better if they're roaming the streets with guns looking for us and we're all off barbecuing or something


GrimWillow wrote

lol for real. I just heard that they literally think we're starting war with civilians and shit. We've had bigger planned events that they never bat an eye at, and then suddenly we're trying to start a civil war? We've been in a civil war for a long time already. There has been no peacetime...they completely do not understand the context of their existence and how the state operates.

It's honestly part of the momentum drummed up for them since they're all fairly new at politics and enjoy the identity cult. Almost all of them just learned about Antifa in 2017 and now they are self proclaimed experts on the group...


theblackcat wrote

What do you mean? Mr Soros said to bring him all the white parents for beheading. You didn't get the memo?


SenorMeltyface wrote

Did they set a quota, or do we just get $oro$buXXX for every parent we bring in? I need some sort of compensation to do things, it's just human nature!


marx wrote (edited )

What are we going to do on November 4th, Pinky? Why, we're going to do what we do every night... bash the fash!

I'm going to be out on the streets. Staying in is cowardice. If there really are fascists roaming the streets expecting an antifa revolution, then they're going to get one. Why waste an opportunity where the enemy literally plans on exposing every one of its members?


_ziq_ wrote

Probably wise for anyone that looks even slightly punk to stay out of sight until this blows over.


styrofoam wrote

I kind of want to go out, as a normal person, to document how bullshit the whole November 4th thing is. I'm not convinced there's any point in antifa attending an event that was "made up." I also don't like the idea of letting fash fabricate a confrontation. Someone chime in if you have a different perspective.

Seems like they're either going to go to most of these places and look stupid, and/or if they're especially ambitious, use it as an opportunity to impersonate antifa or try hurting people they've decided are antifa.

But it's truly bizarre that they're doing this and I don't understand what the goal is. I mean, if they wanted to attack or impersonate antifa, there are plenty of legitimate protests they could try corrupting.


Mullvaden wrote

On the 4th I advice every one to stay home and drink beer and jerk off or what you normally do. Then go out the 5th, or the 6th or any other day they haven't prepared for for weeks.


Enkara wrote

I would not go out unless you fill some support role like medic.

It'll probably be fucked up.


anyan25 wrote

I'm likely gonna go out but I won't be donning black with bandanas, planning to just keep an eye on things and pass out radical literature


[deleted] wrote (edited )


boringskip wrote

The first sentence makes me think you didn't preview your comment before posting.


zorblax wrote

Do you not know what the black bloc tactic is? The point is to be decentralized and organized in affinity groups but still make it difficult for LE and fascists to ascertain the identity of people or groups.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


ziq wrote

I agree. Why make yourselves a giant target that can be surrounded by cops when you can organize individual actions all over the map at once. Spread the cops thin.