More Proof Trump is an outright fascist

Submitted by ziq in Antifa (edited )

Trump is using the latest terrorist attack in NY to abolish the diversity lottery program. Another step towards stopping all non-whites from immigrating.

Hes blaming Chuck Schumer for the attack - likely because he's jewish.

Its an extension of the age-old fash conspiracy theory that "Jews protect PoC so they can wipe out whites".

The fact that he's rallying against 'diversity' in favor of 'merit' should key anyone in to his fascist agenda. "Diversity" is a dirty word in fascist circles, it's what they blame for the "white genocide" that they're so sure is happening.


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000 wrote

It ties in with the age-old colonialist mentality that all wealth should belong to the white race and sharing it is out of the question. And, of course, that wealth is not evenly shared, creating a sub-caste of white trash who can be easily rallied against non-whites.

As for what constitutes ‘whites’, it really means WASPs only. The Irish, Spanish, Italians et al were begrudgingly incorporated later on. Hell, the white race didn’t exist as a concept until slavery forced society to distinguish itself from the black Africans in order to dehumanize them as much as possible.


marx wrote (edited )

"Merit" = whites only


_ziq_ wrote

Did we really need more proof? It's been obvious since his campaign, which was all about empowering whites and shitting on everyone else.


blackrev wrote

Donald is keeping a close eye on Kushner. His thought process is keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Halstan wrote

"Diversity," has become a dog whistle for facists. Pro diversity to them means pro killing white people and anti diversity means pro white. Trump is very clear about the message he is sending.