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celebratedrecluse wrote

It is a big problem, that most of the common encryption platforms for messaging are based in 14 eyes. Signal Private Messenger is one of the worst offender of this, being hosted from a single centralized server in California USA.

As the USA far right becomes (as far as I can tell?) far more active and confrontational of power than left and anarchist USA movements, using these tools to try to avoid getting pwned like w/r/t Parler scrape...encryption, and the tools and group practices which enable horizontal networking, mass mobilization, and collective direct action in general, these will all be associated as "fascist" by the USA liberal party.

Correspondingly, this liberal party that many USA leftists (however begrudgingly) voted for in this election will be leading the way to implement authoritarian measures of state control over these tools. The idea will be to technocratically "engineer away" the fascist virus. It is an extension of the liberal party's means-testing of social welfare programs, and the project of technocratic neoliberalism in general.

Then leftists will say "it failed to work", because the fascists are still organizing. Moreover, while some right wingers will be casualties no doubt, the real target of these measures in practice will be marginalized people, anarchists, and what remains of the USA left. In light of this, some USA anarchists will recognize that, no, the plan in fact did work. It just wasn't "our plan" like the liberal party of USA wants to sell it as. It's a plan for the ruling class, not for some imaginary "anti fascist coalition"