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celebratedrecluse wrote

Well, I'm not in that country, also there is a pandemic. Furthermore, there's no clear reason why anarchists, or even leftists in a broader sense, would feel compelled to defend the centrist party victory or the institutions of US empire.


RichOldWhiteMan wrote (edited )

1 pls dont refer to people as nuts. It relies on the belief that comparing people to those with disabilities is insulting.

2 there are some people conterprotesting tho not as much as other counter protests and isnt being publicized in lib media for a reason

3 why the fuck would I organize to stop facists from beating slave owners so they can beat me up instead? AOC and Rand Paul have cops to take the blows for them so they aren't even in danger.

4 Half of me thinks this is some manufacturing concent stuff to help dems be tough on crime despite the large anti police movement. So dont feel bad for the rulers if they wanted to stop it they would.

5 this belongs in the USA forum. Most people dont give a shit about petty feuds between dangerous shit heads.


rot wrote

i was hoping they went further wit the attacks, better them than me and no matter which side comes out on top I'm gonna oppose them. Better to let your enemies fight then pick them off after they've tired themselves out.