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The main issue a lot of Antifa organizations struggle with is funding. I am Canadian so it might be different here as opposed to American Antifa groups. However a lot of the people I know are working minimum wage jobs & are still tied to the system.

My thought is a virus spreads by first infecting a cell, then using that cell to reproduce itself & spread until it kills the host. Well we need to infiltrate capitalism before we can kill it because it's to strong to be destroyed with force, the USSR tried that & look where they are.

Well we need to find ways to siphon off the resources of capitalism & re-direct them towards an anarcho-communist system. I am creating a "business" hence my bull crap name. But the tirck is to only hire fellow antifa supporters. If we sell products to white supremacists & other supports of capitalism & then sending their resources (money) to antifa supporters then we are essentially acting as a virus & destroying them from the inside. Using their resources to strengthen ourselves.

This is one of the great methods the mafia used to rise to power, they would distribute the money they made among themselves & never let it leave their circle of influence once it entered. We should accept business from EVERYONE & only send our business to fellow antifa & communist supporters that way we slowly drain the economic power of our enemies.



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error wrote

This has been tried several times, and continues to be a vital if "dirty" measure. I won't name examples but there are plenty if you take a moment to think on details.

Personally I see it as a devils bargain. If we act like the powers we claim to fight where does that end? We have plenty of ways to support ourselves without having to sleep with the enemy, become symbiotic with that which we hate.

At some point someone will betray ideology for money, influence, or power. Better to avoid making enemies in your own house and make a united front.


black_fox wrote

can’t have funding cut off by CIA if you’re broke as shit. think about it


3ntb1t wrote

I understand what you mean, but there is much less insidious and more simple solution. Radical worker co-ops that operate as market entities. Those "buisnesses" can use their profits to fund direct action.

Such structures can be made and run by anarchist organizations, or seized from capitalists.