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amongstclouds wrote

I have to agree that the number of people you can save from these ideologies is minimal compared to the number that will absorb themselves within it, but I still think it's worth the effort. Anyone who can be saved from this destructive path can and should be helped.

Here are some links that I've had bookmarked for a while. I use to enjoy reading about counter-terrorism and radical movements... though I have to agree that I dislike the use of the word 'radical', because there is only one definition of the word I like: "Radical simply means to grab something by the roots." -Angela Davis

I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain to you guys why these people will never be radical, but only reactionary.

Leaving the World of Hate

The Psychology of Radicalization and Deradicalization

Mindful Occupation

The last link I shared is really just a summary of what I think we really need to fix not just the issues of white extremism, but all other societal ills is the idea of radical mental health. We need to be actively trying to create an alternative social structure to counter the existing mainstream.

Individuals are drawn to these groups not just out of pride in their race of heritage... but more often not out of fear. These are people who truly think the 'white race' is under attack, and when they are surrounded by people who mirror that same attitude it creates a feedback loop that just builds and builds until finally they are pushed to extremist groups and tactics. Not everyone can be saved from this, but the ones who can be saved are best saved BEFORE going full-blown extremist. After that it gets much harder.


beverage_lawless_pibroch wrote

amongstclouds, thank you VERY MUCH for these links, they are all new to me.

Here's a guide that someone started drafting on fighting anti-rightwing extremism on Instagram. Any edits and suggestions would be greatly appreciated by the author, I'm sure. They surely already have some good things to consider from the feedback on this thread.