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watermelon wrote

I don't know why this even needs to be explained, it's anyone that takes a stand against fascism.


DissidentRage wrote

Because the "both sides" rhetoric has permeated throughout liberal discourse. The reality is a lot of left liberals are lazy fucks who will never support any kind of movement that takes actual effort. "Muh pacifism" is so cathartic to so-called "progressive" ideology because it tells them they're doing something meaningful while doing nothing at all.


BinkBonk wrote

That's the problem I see so many people having. They can't tell the difference between making a meaningful change or just paying lip service to one.


Winston1984 wrote

What is antifa really? A bunch of anarchists who were coopted by communist insurgents that use them as useful idiots/footsoldiers in their attempted coup.


ziq wrote

You reek of reactionary ignorance.