US cultural imperialism deep in subconscious

Submitted by lookin4 in Anti_Imperialism

Lately I wondered if my perception is mainly shaped by U.S. cultural influences which affected me directly and indirectly because I was born and raised in West-Germany.

Even in the present I have the somehow strong feeling that almost all of the foreign things coming to my attention (culture assets, like mainstream books, music, movies, games and also opinions, values, not to forget products like soft drinks and junk food) have its origin in the U.S.

Is it distorted or selective perspective? Overwhelming propaganda in the past/today? Internalized priority setting? My education? The fact that many international institutions or projects have a strong coherence to the U.S. politics or territory? (the Internet, United Nations, World Bank, stock market)

I hope somebody of you is willing to share their experience or feeling - if they are similar or not. It may not be comparable, but could make me/us more reflected and probably much wiser.


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