War is systemic violence

Submitted by TimmyCatChores in AntiWar

I see the problem of systemic violence ultimately as a problem of the subjectivity of beliefs.

The ideas that we share to be able to cooperate are sort of invisible to us.

The connections of shared beliefs that construct social order are hard to see.

We don't notice what we share, but we do reactively notice what we believe differently.

Humanity is collective. Our understandings of who we have come from our particular positionality in the culture.

Somehow in modern culture, we get the idea that individuals create the society without being conscious that we do nothing but follow shared ideas that are transmitted through ideologies.

We need to know what humanity is at the basic level, not just what we want from it, in our particular position. The shared beliefs of what people are generally all over the place, create moral relativism and destroy critical thinking and compassion.

In this complex society, the lessons of the basics are not present, in favor of the freedom to make reality from fantasy.

So that doesn't work. Only truth serves compassion, not whatever one thinks it means to be a good person. This is a matter of ethical maturity. I'll call it 'spiritual maturity' only in the material sense that we can only get justice together. Spirituality is a connection to humanity above a connection to the earth and the universe. Compassion is the root spiritual emotion that transcends all ideology.

Those are the basics. Universal ethics 101.

When we speak of #intersectionality, we must be conscious of those who are victims of war, as the victims of our own countries ideology, which is the same ideology that affects all forms of systemic violence.


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