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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

In fairness, the cases of Anwar al-Awlaki and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki prove that being a US citizen will, in no way, protect you from being executed by the US without a trial. Given that the US apparently has no problem with executing its own people without a trial, maybe they don't really care too much when someone else does it, so long as they are an ally.

For the record, while Anwar al-Awlaki was allegedly working as a recruiter for al-Qaeda, his son, Abdulrahman was sixteen and hadn't been accused of any crime; the only thing Abdulrahman was likely guilty of, was having a crazy dad. Said executions were ordered by Barack Obama. On January 29, 2017, al-Awlaki's eight-year-old daughter, Nawar, was killed in a US commando attack in Yemen, which was ordered by Donald Trump.

Though the answer is probably quite obvious in the article. They talk about another American citizen, Taylor Force, who was killed by Palestinian militants and how said killing was loudly condemned, then compare that with the silence regarding two American teenagers killed by Israeli forces.

One, Taylor Force's death provides Israel and its chief ally and supplier of weapons, the US, an excuse to further brutalize and torture Palestinians.

Whereas in going after Israel, you're facing a well-armed state with a well-entrenched government and many backers to support it. Israel has long served as a good ally to the US, serving to crush many uprisings not only within their borders, but all over the Middle East. Also don't forget the GOP's alliance with the an extremely militant Christian Right who feel that Israel must expand and crush all who stand in the way of its expansion, so Jesus can come back and take his followers to Heaven in the Rapture. Or in other words, they're basically a doomsday cult, minus the snazzy matching sneakers.

Also, we must not forget the obvious. Running searches for Taylor Force, produces several pictures of a clean-cut, White, all-American guy. When I ran the names of the two teenagers mentioned in the article (the ones killed by Israeli forces), not surprisingly, I had the damndest time trying to find any photos I could confirm as depicting the teens. Still, it's probably fairly likely that their skin was of a darker hue than Taylor Force's and we all know the US's long history of generally not giving a damn about the lives of racial minorities.