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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

While I do strongly agree with saying, "Fuck the CIA!" at the same time, the writer is overlooking a few crucial details. One, Trump is hardly some scruffy underdog, rebelling against deep-rooted systems of power and control. Trump is totally in favor of the kind of stuff the CIA's done, so long as it happens to someone he deems deserving of it.

It's a similar thing regarding the Right's infatuation with Putin, which proves that they have nothing wrong with oppression, so long as it is done by the right people for the right reasons. Soviet dictators ran roughshod over the rights and lives of their people, but they did it in the name of communism, which makes their actions wrong. Putin, on the other hand, runs roughshod over the rights and lives of his people, but he does it in the name of unfettered free markets and cronyism, which makes his actions right and makes it so the Right can't stop writing love letters to him.

Also, I find it kind of puzzling that he's focusing so much on the possibility that the US is trying to do a Cold War 2: Electric Boogaloo with Russia, so as to justify all manner of extrajudicial actions. The US already has the War on Terror which they can use to justify all manner of activities.

The general public, to the extent they think about the war, thinks about it as encompassing Iraq and Afghanistan and maybe Syria, but the sad truth is that the US is pretty much fighting several undeclared wars all over the Middle East. For the record, while the American public is unaware of this, the same cannot be said of the poor civilians living in those areas.

In fact, this whole War on Terror thing is the kind of war that is tailor-made for Warmongers: vaguely defined enemy, vaguely defined objectives leading to no clear endpoint. They can use the War on Terror as carte blanche to do whatever they want, because right now, the public is too scared shitless to stop them.