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WindTalk wrote (edited )

The silence was deafening. Barack Obama – the “peace president” – boasted that he was “really good at killing people.” The nation yawned. But let’s not put an American mother in the uncomfortable position of explaining the male penis!

I also see failing in any serious regard over the past decade to help our neighbors in Mexico with their violence that started December 11, 2006.

All this overseas war to fight terrorism violence, massive expenses to fight communism in Korea and Vietnam. The USA's failed drug policy was staring us in the face - and here we have had all this opportunity. We could be creating safe education zones, providing refuge to journalist, talking about democracy and peace itself in mutual university programs, mutual public education.

If you view drug cartels as strong-arm businessmen, you start to see the real trouble. It's billionaires making money selling drugs - who are more powerful than the people or government of Mexico. Money as a ruling factor - anyone can be hired to join a cartel, business, to kill others.

Making drugs illegal didn't make drug use go away. It put money and power in the hands of ruthless killers who take pride in slaughtering their competitors or anyone who might be in the way of their business ambitions. The violence becomes a way of life, something children are raised into - after more than a decade now.

We sink trillions into psychology war of terror, fear war, economic system communism wars. Why would you not want to help a democracy next door flourish, grow, be stable, and raise in standard? Why is that not seen as a moral goodness? Instead of only being motivated as a nation to fight, kill, destroy others in the name of your homeland peace and prosperity. Now, the USA is going down the path of being a friendless nation.