The Making of an American Nazi - Andrew Anglins turn from being a hippie to a neo-nazi theatlantic.com

Submitted by Bumbels in AntiReactionary

Sad story about Andrew Anglin's evolution from being a hippie to being a neo-nazi & founder of the daily stormer. Besides having a generally rough life, the twists and turns that led him to neo-nazism seems to come down to a desire to belong. Genuinely nteresting read, & it's important to map-out the reasons as to why folks turn to fascism.


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PainlessEphemera wrote

I’m a hippie. I hope with this community, I can avoid turning into a fascist. I once started embarking down that road, (luckily, it stayed mostly at the “anti-SJW” phase,) stopping when I considered how I was attacking people for making their own decisions. That’s why I left, because I just couldn’t mock non binary people, who intended no wrong of their own, watching them being attacked for simply existing.