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Save this document — copy and paste it as a Facebook status, text it to your friend, screenshot it and put it on Instagram, etc. It won’t exist on Medium for long. But it needs to be passed on.

These are the organizers of Unite the Right 2. These are the people trying to bring white supremacists back to Charlottesville again, for the same kind of violence that devastated the city last year.

Call them. Text them. Email them. Message them. Tag them in your statuses. Tell them that white supremacy is not “conservatism”. Tell them that violence is not “political expression”. Tell them that hate is not welcome in Charlottesville.

Tell them that if they want to bring their hate to Charlottesville, then you will bring your message to their phones, their inboxes, and their social media notifications. If you encounter further information, drop tips at [email protected]


Jason Kessler Location: Charlottesville, VA Phone: (434) 996–5567

Sam E. Salazar Phone: (619) 781–2846 Facebook:

Pete Linden (real name: Seamus Hyland) Phone: (571) 330–4169 Business: Hyland Home Solutions, Lorton, VA

Al Stankard Phone: (856) 537–0672 Email: [email protected]

Avialae S. Horton Phone: (229) 454–0605

Jim Corcoran Phone: (413) 522–5935 Email: [email protected]

Lisa Custalow Phone: (434) 244–2842

Dave Shyne (real name: David Rother) Location: Vienna, VA Phone: (571) 209–8338 Email: [email protected]

Rickey Entwisle: (504) 237–4515

Eva Gunter (real name: Stephanie Gunter Hopkins) Phone: (214) 256–6967

Danny Wolf Phone: (619) 433–2792

Ron Sheehy Phone: (908) 472–3157

Kat Snyder Location: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Phone: (843) 860–1165 Businesses: Director of Information Technology Services at dettworks, IT Consultant at Trends In Medicine, Math Tutor at Agile Kat

Fred Arena Phone: (856) 514–4495

Kevin C Cormier Facebook:



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