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When these reactionary commentators say "it's a joke" we know they are lies, but there always those among the masses that just "go-along-with-it" in the hopes of being spared;or more perverse--rewarded.

Facts and logic don't work, because genocide is an expression of irrationality. It feels too good be be part of the mob;and always , always, those who were the executioners one day become the executed next.

These messages are priming people for violence and they want to live the fantasy of destruction.

I am under no illusion that violenece is coming, hence why training for community defence and mutal aid is necessary, but I also know that direct action attempts will endanger too many since the state doesn't like being challenged and many who are complacent would turn on those trying to do the right hing because "they wanted to keep their heads down".

What are some realiatic options to try while preparation for worst case scenarios occur.

Sorry if incoherent and thank you for your time.

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Joshuafall wrote (edited )

Arm yourself and learn self defense. Prep, save food and other goods. Be ready. Point it out when the right advocates killing us and our allies. Which they often do.

Better a civil war than a holocaust. The rich think they are immune and they may be. But we are not.


jus74hu3m4n OP wrote

Thank you for your praxis, looking into all that you have suggested


asterism wrote

I have had a couple masses once. One mostly had hair and teeth in it, no seeds of genocide though.


Rat wrote

Add more corn and soy to your diet, and they should start showing up.