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TheNerdyAnarchist wrote (edited )

The six foot Hip hop phenom....

What is it with these incel dweebs and being so ridiculously obsessed with their height? Like...they know it's perfectly common for 5'4 guys to get laid, right? It's not your height that repulses people, you supreme dorks, it's your revolting personalities.

Also, I've seen the pigs insisting over and over there's no indication that there's no political or racial motivations....

  • Trump rallies
  • "thin blue line" fascist rallies
  • Waited at an airport for Trump
  • Oh, and I'm sure it's pure coincidence that he attacked a town that has almost a 1/3 Jewish population..........probably nothing to consider there...

Edit: Oh, and he had a sex doll designed to look like a child, because of course he did.