Why copyright needs to die

Submitted by chaos in AntiCopyright

  • Copyright is not the natural order of things. It is an aberration, born in 18th-century England, designed to protect publishers, not writers. The great artists of antiquity and the classical era had no copyright protection and somehow they managed to survive while contributing great works to our culture.

  • In recent years publishers have used their financial muscle to vastly extend the provisions of copyright law, so that works are protected for 70years or more after the artist's death. Clearly, this has no benefit to anyone except the publishers and actively suppresses our cultural heritage by making it illegal to preserve it.

  • The exponential growth of digital technology has made it super-easy to duplicate content - text, music, image. Anybody, anywhere, can at any time copy anything. Trying to put the genie back into the bottle is an exercise in futility.


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Defasher wrote

70 years nothing, it's obvious copyright is now infinite - no way will Disney ever let that mouse go into the public domain.