I'm working to purely re-host the /r/Piracy megathread onto raddle.me raddle.me

Submitted by r4tch3t in AntiCopyright

Hello! I'm working to re-host the /r/Piracy megathread so that all of the aspects that link to Reddit are re-hosted onto this server


Well, I believe that megathread is unbelievably useful. That said, Reddit is not a secure place to be talking about Piracy in. Not only is it almost positively monitored, Reddit has been contacted by the government with warrants. I figured if this community is going to live, we need to not only offer equivalence to what Reddit has but we need to offer more. What this website offers more than Reddit even though it's the same bit of text is a more secure environment that has not been contacted by the feds.

I'll be working on rehosting all the text when I get the time. Thank you for reading!



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