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Stigmata wrote (edited )

I don’t mind GPL, but only because there are plenty of licenses to choose from including the different GPL versions.

GPLv3 does lead to some problems I think. I like what it attempted to do with preventing “tivoization” but at the same time it really limits what open source software can be used for. I guess I just think the license is a bit naive to think companies will use code with that license and then open their entire platform up to the public (whether they should is a different question). It basically just leads instead to companies re-writing things and not contributing to the open source code base with the v3 license.

A lot of times open source projects are supported using corporate time and resources because a company uses the project. I think it is more desirable to say “you can use this in anything you want, but any modification to this code needs to be open sourced as well” so that you will get contributions from the people that use it.