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styrofoam wrote

Goddammit, I know there are some, but I can't think of all of them off the top of my head.

Princess Mononoke is arguably one. From what I remember it had a pretty decent conversationalist angle. Good societal commentary as well. People have told me that Nausicaa is the same way, and it's a great movie from what I've seen, but I always fall asleep on it halfway through.

Other than that, there's an episode of Little Witch Acadamia the goblins, elves, etc. that work for the school form a labor union, go on strike, and shut off the magic at the school as a show of force. The main character joins them and calls out the bourgeoisie by name. Episode 14 if you care.

Neo Yokio critiques capitalism, but I know that people can be sensitive about calling western stuff anime. ATLA is anti-imperialist, I guess.Shimoneta is anti-authoritarian maybe? Black Clover is, like, pro the poor.