Lineage OS the Open Source google-less Android lineageos.org

Submitted by autonomous_hippopotamus in Android

Lineage OS is really awsome, i run android 7 on my old phones which otherwise would still be on android 4... I have them fully encrypted, and get everything through f-droid (no GOOGLE) i also rout everything through Tor which is cool.

Lineage-OS is the continuation of Cianogenmod, after google destroyed the project.


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Pe95vxACL2Px wrote

really wish I could put Lineage on my S7+


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

is that like unrootable? or are there no roms for it yet?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

uggh, yeah locked bootloaders are a motherfucker, always had that problem with LG's, can't even remember how i got around that shit.

And yeah np, i only get on here a couple times a week if that.