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wekhiu48 wrote

I use grapheneos on a Pixel 3. I use the shelter app to further isolate various apps to their own work profile which has a always on Tor VPN connection through Orbot. I use Signal messenger which does not require you to have google play services.


lilithsspawn wrote

I use an unofficial Lineage ROM, together with GApps Pico and Magisk. When downloading apps I mostly use the Aurora Store and Aurora Droid (which is an alternative to F-Droid). I also use AFWall+ to block internet access for certain apps like my keyboard, and Adaway to block ads on the whole system.

My browser is Firefox with DuckDuckGo as my search engine, and I have installed Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin.

Lastly, I use Island to create a work profile, which I use as a sandbox to isolate certain apps, and I run Orbot in said sandbox, and for my normal profile I use ProtonVPN.