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Hello, i'm searching for a smartphone for LineageOS. I'm new to this OS, so i want to ask if there are smartphones on the market with LineageOS preinstallet, or must i do this by myself? And if i must do it by myself, what smartphone can you recommend me? It should be cheap and the best is, if there is a tutorial on YouTube for exactly that smartphone.

Thanks in advice :)



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southerntofu wrote

Hello unfortunately LineageOS does not come preinstalled with any phone that i know of. The list of officially-supported phones is here. However, it's always better to check whether the phone has an easily removable battery. You can find such list here, and phones listed there also all supported LineageOS.

You can also check support for the phone on PostMarketOS, a GNU/Linux distro not based on Android but still targeted at mobile phones. A good support on PMOS is a good indicator the phone may still be supported a decade from now.